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12 July 2013

NPI Report on Food Insecurity Among UC Students

NPI recently conducted a survey of food insecurity among University of California students at all 10 campuses as part of President Napolitano’s Global Food Initiative. We found that 42% of students reported being food insecure in the past 12 months--meaning they experienced a diet poor in quality and/or reduced dietary intake, such as skipping meals or cutting the size of their meals due to lack of financial resources. The full report, Student Food Access and Security Study, includes the University of California systemwide results and plans for addressing the issue.


30 June 2016

Implications of New Added Sugars Content on Nutrition Labels in the U.S.

NPI’s Pat Crawford comments on implications with other UC researchers on the new Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods in the U.S. For the first time, added sugars will appear on the label starting in 2018.


13 June 2016

New NPI webinar about Healthy Foods in Food Banks - Date moved

NPI researchers Liz Campbell, Laura Vollmer, and Karen Webb will host a free webinar, "Fostering Partnerships: Supporting Healthful Foods in the Charitable Food Network" on Monday, June 23, 2016 from 10:00 to 11:30 am PDT. They will discuss nutrition guidelines and policies for food banks, and how Cooperative Extension, Public Health Departments, and others can work collaboratively with food pantries and food banks to support improvements in healthful food procurement and distribution. 


*This event has been moved from Monday, June 13th to Thursday, June 23rd.


9 June 2016

NPI Case Studies on School Kitchen Grants from USDA

A new report from The Pew Charitable Trust includes results from 6 case studies conducted by NPI about the benefits of USDA kitchen-equipment grants to improve the school meal operations and nutrition quality of school meals. The case studies examine the benefits to school meal quality from small improvements to the school kitchen space. Thirteen more case studies will be released later this summer.


24 May 2016

Effectiveness of Online and In-Person Education in the WIC Program

NPI researchers found that online delivery of education is an acceptable addition to traditional in-person education for WIC participants with online access. High-quality online education platforms represent an important avenue to promote continued satisfaction with nutrition education. 




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