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February 26, 2018

Lorrene Ritchie and Ken Hecht present at National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference

Lorrene Ritchie will be speaking and Ken Hecht will be moderating a session at the National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., on Monday, February 26, 2018. The session is on "Brand New Research to Help You Make a Success of New Child and Adult Care Food Programs (CACFP) Meal Patterns" and will provide the most recent research and insight on CACFP programs and provider practices and strategies. The National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference, co-sponsored by the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) and Feeding America, and in cooperation with the National CACFP Forum, draws anti-hunger and anti-poverty advocates; federal, state and local government officials; child advocates; representatives of food banks and food rescue organizations; sponsoring organizations and nutrition and anti-obesity groups.


February 22, 2018

NPI Brown Bag: Punam Ohri-Vachaspati examines the role of policy and environment in shaping behavior and health outcomes

Punam Ohri-Vachaspati PhD, MS, RD, professor of nutrition in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion at Arizona State University (ASU) discusses the role of policy and environment in shaping behavior and health outcomes. Ohri-Vachaspati leads the ASU Food Environment and Policy Research Group. She teaches graduate-level courses and mentors students interested in exploring public health approaches for improving healthy food access, eating behaviors and health outcomes. In 2016-17, Ohri-Vachaspati completed the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellowship, working on health care and nutrition issues in Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY) office. Ohri-Vachaspati will be speaking about her NIH-funded research projects.


February 21, 2018

Christina Hecht and Laura Vollmer present at Healthy Beverage Summit

Christina Hecht and Laura Vollmer of the Nutrition Policy Institute and the National Drinking Water Alliance will present an interactive session on "Forging a Path Ahead: Developing a Roadmap to Healthy Beverages" at the Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation's Healthy Beverage Summit. The NB3 Foundation is a national, award-winning Native American nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing Native American childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. Held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Healthy Beverage Summit brings together community members, organizations and agencies committed to reducing the consumption of sugary beverages among Native American children.


February 15, 2018

Lorrene Ritchie and Wendi Gosliner examine children’s sugary beverage and water consumption; publish findings in American Journal of Preventive Medicine

The Nutrition Policy Institute’s Lorrene Ritchie and Wendi Gosliner are co-authors of "Sugar-Sweetened Beverage and Water Intake in Relation to Diet Quality in U.S. Children" to be published in print in the March 2018 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and available online now. This study examines whether children’s sugary beverage and water intakes are associated with diet quality and total energy intake. The study concluded that children who consume sugary beverages have poorer diet quality and higher total energy intake than children who do not consume sugary beverages. The study recommended that interventions for obesity and chronic disease focus on replacing sugary beverage consumption.


February 15, 2018

NPI Brown Bag: Ronit Ridberg on Wholesome Wave’s Fruit and Vegetable Prescription (FVRx) Program

Ronit Ridberg MS, PhD candidate at the UC Davis School of Nursing’s Nursing Science and Health Care Leadership Program, will share preliminary results from her dissertation research, which uses data from Wholesome Wave’s Fruit and Vegetable Prescription (FVRx) Program and asks “Does a fruit and vegetable prescription program increase household-level food security and children’s produce consumption?”


February 13, 2018

Equitable Food Initiative cites BFI, NPI work in testimony before California Senate

Equitable Food Initiative gave a presentation on creating a harassment-free culture in California to a joint hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee; Senate Select Committee on Women, Work, and Families; and Legislative Women’s Caucus. Nutrition Policy Institute's Ron Strochlic's work with colleagues at the Berkeley Food Institute was cited. Read the research: Improved Farm Labor Conditions. Hear the podcast: Harvesting Equitable Food.


February 12, 2018

Lorrene Ritchie discusses healthy lifestyles for city-dwellers in WalletHub survey

In WalletHub's survey of the healthiest and unhealthiest cities in the United States, Nutrition Policy Institute Director Lorrene Ritchie discusses healthy lifestyles for city-dwellers, emphasizing the importance of having opportunities for healthy eating and active living in your neighborhood. 


February 8, 2018

NPI Brown Bag: Stutee Khandelwal on dietary interventions for clinical practice

Stutee Khandelwal MD, MPH, assistant professor of Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine, UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program, will discuss dietary interventions for clinical practice. This is a special NPI Brown Bag seminar, in partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health-Public Health Nutrition program, and the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program. This talk is oriented to students, medical residents and clinical practitioners, however NPI staff and NPI Brown Bag invitees are welcome and encouraged to join. We recommend attending via Zoom due to limited capacity.


February 7, 2018

Suzanna Martinez speaks at CSU Basic Needs Initiative Conference

Nutrition Policy Institute Assistant Researcher Suzanna Martinez PhD, MS presented a talk on "College food security research: State of the science” on February 7 at the California State University “Addressing Basic Needs in the CSU: Supporting Student Success" conference, held at Sacramento State University. Co-presenting with Martinez was Cal Poly’s Aydin Nazmi. The conference featured a variety of speakers and breakout sessions to help equip campuses with knowledge to successfully develop and deliver basic needs services to their students.


February 1, 2018

NPI Brown Bag: Daniel A. Rodríguez on the role of transportation and land use in obesity

Daniel A. Rodríguez, Chancellor's Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley, will discuss his research, which focuses on the relationship between transportation, land development, and the health and environmental impacts that follow. His most recent work focuses on the health and equity impacts of urban transportation policy. A majority of Professor Rodríguez’s work is driven by practical problems and finding solutions for planners and policy-makers. Working within the health, nutrition, economics, engineering, geography and public policy disciplines, he has examined how changes to the physical attributes of the environment, such as the location of bus routes, rail lines, supermarkets and trails, are related to changes in physical activity.


January 25, 2018

NPI Brown Bag: Carmen Byker Shanks discusses contributors to fruit and vegetable consumption in diverse food environments

Carmen Byker Shanks PhD, RD, associate professor of Food, Nutrition and Sustainable Food Systems at Montana State University and Food and Health Lab principal investigator, presented her research examining disparities in availability, affordability, quality and desirability of fruits and vegetables in rural versus urban food environments as measured by observational surveys, consumer sensory testing and total phenolic concentration. Her findings indicate that fruits and vegetables were significantly lower in quality and desirability in all three measures on the basis of rurality and that intervention strategies should aim to increase fruit and vegetable quality and desirability in rural food environments to promote consumption. Watch a video of this NPI Brown Bag.


January 9, 2018

NPI Brown Bag: Jenny Mulholland-Beahrs discusses the California Outdoor Engagement Coalition

Jenny Mulholland-Beahrs, director of the California Outdoor Engagement Coalition, will provide an overview of the coalition’s vision, mission, priorities, partnerships and projects, and then lead a discussion. Through cross-sector partnerships, the coalition expands transformational experiences in the outdoors for youth who reflect the overall demographics of California. Partners include the National Park Service, California State Parks, the Sierra Club, Latino Outdoors and OutDoor Afro.


December 29, 2017

No joke: The reality of the starving student and what UC is doing to help

The Nutrition Policy Institute has published a blog post on the UC ANR Food Blog detailing UC's work to identify and combat student food insecurity and housing insecurity, both of which threaten students' health as well as their academic achievements. Titled "No joke: the reality of the starving student and what UC is doing to help," the blog post traces the history of UC's involvement in the issue, from the first Student Food Access and Security Study authored by the UC ANR Nutrition Policy Institute's Lorrene Ritchie and Suzanna Martinez and UC Santa Barbara's Katie Maynard, to the most recent report, Global Food Initiative: Food and Housing Security at the University of California, which included NPI’s Ritchie and Martinez as contributors.


December 20, 2017

UC Global Food Initiative publishes new food and housing security study and strategies for addressing basic needs security

Food and Housing Security at the University of California, a new report and executive summary, has been published by the UC Global Food Initiative. The new report builds on the initial Student Food Access and Security Study, conducted by the Nutrition Policy Institute’s Lorrene Ritchie and Suzanna Martinez, which found that 48 percent of the university’s undergraduates and 25 percent of its graduate students experience some level of food insecurity, and led to UC actions to help students regularly access nutritious food on campus and off. The new report, which included NPI’s Ritchie and Martinez as contributors, provides information on the university’s latest data collection efforts and strategies for addressing basic needs (food and housing) security. The Global Food Initiative also published a summary of UC's efforts to address student food and housing security since the Global Food Initiative was launched. 


December 5, 2017

Lorrene Ritchie to present at National Institutes of Health Workshop

Nutrition Policy Institute Director Lorrene Ritchie will present a talk on “Assessing Community Programs, Policies and Practices Related to Obesity Prevention” as part of the National Institutes of Health Pathways to Prevention Workshop: Methods for Evaluating Natural Experiments in Obesity. In her talk, Ritchie will summarize lessons learned from several studies assessing community program, policies and practices targeting pediatric obesity prevention, including Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health Initiative, the NIH-funded Healthy Communities Study and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded California Healthy Kids Study. The findings from these observational studies provide important information regarding what communities are doing to address pediatric obesity. They suggest common approaches already occurring in many communities that can inform future efforts to address childhood obesity.


November 16, 2017

NPI Brown Bag: A Conversation about Genetically Modified Food – Part 1: Rethinking the GMO debate: Science and undone science, by Alastair Iles and Maya Montenegro

UC Berkeley Department of Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management Associate Professor Dr. Alastair Iles and doctoral candidate Maywa Montenegro gave a presentation at the Nutrition Policy Institute called “A Conversation about Genetically Modified Food – Part 1: Rethinking the GMO debate: Science and undone science.” They were invited to speak in response to the recently released film Food Evolution, and presented their perspective on genetically modified food as it relates to ecology, human health, knowledge and culture, and economics through three cases: glyphosate, golden rice and dicamba. They recommended a resource for keeping up to date on the genetically modified food discussion: GM Watch.


November 8, 2017

Bayer Neighborhood Park and Garden project video now available

Bayer Neighborhood Park and Garden - Bringing People Together is a recent video produced by the Nutrition Policy Institute for Kaiser Permanente. The video shows an example of a built environment change, part of many community change initiatives, that UC Nutrition Policy Institute has evaluated to increase physical activity and healthy eating in communities in Northern California for Kaiser Permanente. This video and the program featured in it was supported by Kaiser Permanente’s community investments and produced by the UC Nutrition Policy Institute.


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