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Dr. Hannah R. Thompson

Asst Research Professor
Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI)
1111 Franklin Street
11th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607
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Hannah R. Thompson is a Research Professor that received her MPH in Public Health Nutrition at UC Berkeley and her PhD in Epidemiology and Translational Science at UCSF. Her research focus is on school- and community-based methods to increase physical activity levels, with the goals of improving youth health and decreasing health disparities. She is specifically interested in interventions to improve the quantity and quality of physical education in public schools. Through both qualitative and quantitative methods, she works to understand how schools and community-based youth development and physical activity organizations can work together to increase access to physical activity, with a particular focus on children in communities at highest risk for inactivity and poor health.




Physical activity epidemiology; school health research; school physical education


Peer Reviewed

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