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NPI Food Bank Nutrition Policy

Helping America Move From Hunger to Health

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The resources offered on this page were developed by a research team at the Center for Weight and Health and were informed by several of our studies as well as the work we have done with many food banks across the country. Our research team has moved to the Nutrition Policy Institute, and we are expanding our reach by offering these resources to professionals who work in or with the charitable food assistance network, including staff at food banks and pantries, nutritionists, public health professionals, anti-hunger advocates, educators and anyone interested in hunger and health.





New Video "From Hunger to Health"

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Learn about the efforts of Feeding America and a growing number of food banks who are innovating the way they obtain and distribute foods to improve the nutritional quality of their inventory. Watch the Nutrition Policy Institute's new video “From Hunger to Health: How the Charitable Food Network Can Help.” Food bankers are beginning to use this resource as a discussion starter with their boards of directors, staff, member agencies, and community organizations that partner with food banks.



NPI’s Free Online Training on Developing A Food Bank Nutrition Policy

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Sign Up Today for Free Online Training- “Developing a food bank nutrition policy: A guide to procure healthful foods”.

For the second time this year, the Nutrition Policy Institute is offering this free online training. The curriculum is based on technical assistance we’ve provided to over 20 food banks across the U.S. The training is designed for professionals working in the charitable food assistance network, nutritionists, public health professionals, anti-hunger advocates, educators and anyone interested in hunger and health. It runs for six weeks starting September 14, 2015 and covers:

  • The benefits for food banks, clients and other stakeholders of having a nutrition policy,
  • What a sound food bank nutrition policy looks like,
  • Engaging stakeholders in the policy development process to maximize the chances of successful implementation,
  • How to be a persuasive advocate for improving nutrition quality of charitable foods, and
  • How to address food bank organizational concerns about nutrition policies





Newly released: NPI’s Discussion Paper on “Nutrition-Focused Food Banking”

The Institute of Medicine recently published a discussion paper by researchers at the Nutrition Policy Institute. “Nutrition-Focused Food Banking” looks at opportunities and challenges for improving the nutrition quality of charitable foods. Click here to download the paper.