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Organizational Comment on MyPlate & DGAs



How to comment as an official representative or spokesperson for an organization



(1) State clearly that you write on behalf of your organization.

(2) Briefly describe your organization, its size, and its interest in the matter.

(3) Then state your request. “The organization name urges you to take the necessary steps to add a symbol for drinking water to MyPlate.”

(4) State the reason(s) your organization supports a water symbol on MyPlate, for example:

  • your argument(s) in favor of the promotion of drinking water
  • reasons to discourage consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages
  • how your organization uses the MyPlate graphic and why the addition of a water symbol would be of value in your work

 (5) Use the attachment button to upload current research or any other evidence for the USDA to consider.

Example of a comment from an organization:

“I am the PTA President of Garfield Elementary School in Maryland. Our PTA recently decided to find ways to promote healthy habits, per our School Wellness Policy, by highlighting one healthy habit each month with posters and activities around our school. A MyPlate graphic that includes drinking water, and other USDA consumer-facing materials our teachers and parents can use to promote drinking water, will show our students that the US government backs up our message to our students on the importance of choosing water as the best way to hydrate their bodies.”


Model comment from an organization:

I am honored to submit this comment on behalf of  organization name  . From our work in the field of _________, we know the important benefits of drinking water [choose one or more or write your own]:

  • as a zero-calorie beverage
  • to help reduce development of dental caries
  • as a substitute for SSBs
  • as a healthy way to hydrate the body.


MyPlate is a key tool for nutrition education. Please add a symbol for drinking water. We need to educate our population to turn to water as their primary beverage of choice.

[choose a line to close with]:
“Quench your thirst with water.”
“Water: First for Thirst.”
"Drink your milk–And then drink your water."

Thank you.


Other Tips for Comments from Organizations:

If you have many supporters, it is more effective to send one well-written comment with an attached list of signatures from your membership or other interested parties, rather than many copies of the same comment. Or, write a short comment and then attach a longer document or graphic. Encourage your members to submit their own additional comments if they wish, following the suggestions above for “Comments from Individuals.”


Click here for the USDA online comment submission form for Dietary Guidelines. Don't forget to check Part D, Chapter 1.

“Water: First for Thirst.”

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