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Individual Comment on CACFP

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How to Write a Comment from an Individual


Include your credentials and experience that bear on the matter at hand

Example: “My child spends 40 hours a week in childcare.”


Then state your request

I want to see this rule for drinking water:

“Plain water should be available and encouraged for self-serve at all times throughout the day, both inside the site and in outdoor play areas, including with meals and snacks, regardless of whether milk or 100 percent juice is also served."


Give a real-life example of why you want to see this change

“My child comes home from childcare thirsty. I want him to have easy access to water all day.”

 [Or insert your own reason here.]


Other types of remarks you can make:

  • I care about drinking water in the Child Care and Adult Food Program because _________
  • Water is part of a healthy diet.
  • It is important to make it easy for children to drink water.
  • “Water:  First for Thirst.”


Upload a Photo

Use the attachment button to attach current research, photos of drinking water access in your childcare site, or any other evidence for the USDA to consider.


Tips to give your comment maximum impact:

  • Comments are most effective if they are courteous, professional and respectful.
  • Each comment, to be counted as a unique and individual piece of input, should include the personal or professional opinions and experiences or examples of the writer.
  • A constructive suggestion is helpful.
  • USDA comment readers must read 1000’s of comments. Make sure yours is clear, concise and relevant.
  • Most important: submit a comment by May 8!


Click here for the USDA online comment submission form for CACFP.


 “Water: First for Thirst.”

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