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Individual Comment on MyPlate & DGAs

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How to Write a Comment from an Individual


Include your credentials and experience that bear on the matter at hand

Example: “I teach 5th grade in Arizona and the MyPlate graphic is on my classroom wall."


Then state your request

“I am writing to urge you to add a symbol for drinking water to MyPlate. I want strong language on water in the Dietary Guidelines.”


Give a real-life example of why you want to see this change to MyPlate

Example: “A symbol for water on the MyPlate graphic will be a daily visual reminder for my students that drinking water is part of a healthy diet. It will also give me a place to talk with my students about why water is healthier than sugary drinks.”


Other types of remarks you can make:

  • I care about drinking water because ___
  • MyPlate is part of my life because ____
  • Leaving water off of MyPlate suggests that it is not part of a healthy diet.
  • It is important to remind people to drink water.
  • “Water:  First for Thirst”  


Tips to give your comment maximum impact:

  • Comments are most effective if they are courteous, professional and respectful.
  • Each comment, to be counted as a unique and individual piece of input, should include the personal or professional opinions and experiences or examples of the writer.
  • A constructive suggestion is helpful.
  • USDA comment readers must read 1000’s of comments. Make sure yours is clear, concise and relevant.
  • Most important: submit a comment by May 8!


Click here for the USDA online comment submission form for Dietary Guidelines. Don't forget to check Part D, Chapter 1.

“Water: First for Thirst.”

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