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How to Comment on CACFP Rule

Sending the USDA a comment

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Submitting a comment is easy and will take only a few minutes of your time.

The public comment period for the 2015 Proposed Rule for CACFP will close April 15 2015.



Why Submit a Comment?

  • Give the USDA valuable information on the public's perspective
  • Help identify issues or solutions that the agency might not have initially considered
  • Make your voice heard!


To Submit Your Comment Online:


Write a comment of 5000 characters or less in support of NPI’s recommended language for the CACFP water rule. (See links, below, for model comments). Save it in plain text.

SELECT and COPY your comment text

CLICK on USDA link

PASTE your comment into the comment box

Click on UPLOAD FILES to attach supporting documents (e.g., Op-ed, journal article) from your files

FILL IN required contact information boxes and follow the instructions to submit your comment.

Docket number for this rulemaking: FNS-2011-0029
Specific section: Section 221 (u) 2)


Tips to give your comment maximum impact:

  • Comments are most effective if they are courteous, professional and respectful.
  • Each comment, to be counted as a unique and individual piece of input, should include the personal or professional opinions and experiences or examples of the writer.
  • A constructive suggestion is helpful.
  • USDA comment readers must read 1000’s of comments. Make sure yours is clear, concise and relevant.
  • Most important: submit a comment by April 15!


If you are commenting as an individual click here for model language

If you are commenting as an official representative or spokesperson for an organization click here for model language


Please consider emailing a copy of your comment to Nutrition Policy Institute:

 “Water: First for Thirst.”

Webmaster Email: